constant glance

spin me

and watch me fall–

top-heavy with dreams of you–

this pounding in my chest

could it be

from you?

your only gift to me

without knowing i exist–

rash, but not completely clueless

to the ways of love

and everything that comes with it..

i know

a look

can’t be enough

to wrap me ’round you,

but can a thousand?–

each second

of every forever

that you go walking by,

turning slightly–

are you noticing me?

..hopes too great

to let them be right–

i’m always wrong

so nothing’s new..


that now

it’s you

that is right

without knowing

what you feel like

against me

in the darkness

of a candlelight vigil–

maybe tomorrow.

spider’d legs

spider’d legs
smooth-tapping in consistent beat
                           of eyes turning
                                                  falling by–
                           tap, tap, tap,
            first finger figuring rhythm of own

as you slept



last night



slept in arms grown numb but


i peaked at

your lips,

pucker’d in thought and lost in air;

i peaked


your lungs

rose breasts,

drew back,

rose again;



at your darkened thoughts

as lids played host



gone rambling;



in to see


adorned with shadowed-sheets whispering

‘do not leave us

once sun returns;

do not cast us from

your hips

a mountain of us made’

Music From Another Room

the center of my universe,

but still surrounding me,

that gentle harmony

of Beauty

sings against my mind,

hinting at her existence

but still silent to my heart


her eyes,

throwing their veil

of twilight

crashing into my daze,

shatter every picture of perfection

and rebuild them to fit her ways.


stuck between shelves

of history—of romance–

she stares beyond me;

I can tell by her glances

of reality, short, but there.

a thousand words an instance

each falling from her lips/her hair

as if to say

“I’m here, can’t you see me?”

And I do,

with eyes wide

to try,


to hold onto her brilliance;

the brilliance of a never-darkening eclipse,

halo’d by those rays of thoughts



leave her beauty

to be put,


in my ink.

“A rose may wither,

a moon may slither,

a sun may fall,

and the stars may dither,

but constant are these words

that will never live up to Beauty.”

tumbling race

take with you

every memory

of whispers, of

wishes, of

movies let run

while we focused on..

other things.

take from me

every memory

of the days we shared

out of the snow,

in each others’ arms

without knowing

today would arrive.

take with you

every hand we gripped

to bring us closer

from eternity.

take with you

all i see

for it all reminds

me of you..

our time together,

morning to morning,

is too much to bear

on these

simple shoulders

of a

simple man

not worth remembering.

when the time comes

i want you to know

i never walked out

i never said goodbye

i never cried

since you passed on..

too many smiles

haunt me daily

to know that


could be

with your memory.


i can’t see tomorrow

without you before me,

without heaven with us,

without the sun to shine behind us

on our way



they said once it passes

it passes..

leaving me here,

you there,

and loneliness abound.

i watered your



hoping you’d stem from them..


when the night lasted till day woke us?


when the day stood

till the moon guided us?


every second past

the dawn we grew old

and finally

let the world in

on our infinity?


on the rays

of yesterdays

see through the clouds

through the rain in the distance–

passed us by–

laying beside Forever

i see your eyes

seducing Infinity,

reaching out your smile

to let me hold

on to the only thing

keeping me breathing,

that kept us immortal

before mortality caught up.

wrote this some short time after september 11th, 2001. not really for that occasion.. more of a tribute to the one left or leaving.

to be told i am worthless

to be told i am worthless/



is liberating.

without those

cuffs of roles unfulfilled

i can

be uncaring–


cold’d wave of wind clinched-less

in palm


belly of fingers.