Twitter, and other social graphs

A photo of ourselves
Is more an indication
Of self value
And self awareness
Than any quiz
Or friend’s interpretation.

I long held comedy my armor,
To be worn in public and private both;
Yet, I do not need such now, as I
I have maturity and life experiences
Which I had not before and may not again.

A wise man makes photographs of those he loves
His outward reflection, for he knows
You want to know him,
And what better way than by who he is.


I always do this.
I stay awake and search for some knowledge/
Something I can learn and digest;
And, when I’ve found the night’s well dry,
I slink to sleep, defeated.

I never go to sleep exhilarated, or as though
I’ve championed something.  I always rub my eyes
And bury my head, slowing breath to sleep.

to heart

Everytime I look around,
another brother falling down;
i just try to raise them up,
tell them i can be like them
or i can be like Him and
keep pressing on, despite
the world; I know the way
they hold onto Earthly things,
and all I have to say
is good luck with that–
I depend on Him, rise with Him,
fall with Him, belong with Him,
live for Him, give to Him
all the time I can/and more.
it’s not about who’s written
this, just who’s taken it to
heart and lived through eyes of His.