Music is my muse, and the words my lovers. What else does one need?

Music is my muse, and the words my lovers. What else does one need? Perhaps food, warmth, shelter? If you know the music and love the words, you will need none of those three, for you will find they come along much easier than muses and lovers. The world is full of food, full of warmth, full of shelter, full of war, and full of peace. The trick is to find, or let find you, the happiness and love for which you should live your every-single-day in sweet embrace of destiny, both breathed and mediated.

in a wind, you

in a wind, you
told me all you
ever said in
one breath, so
deep– i
never knew
you would
want the words
, well,
how lucky
the sky
spans us all
all i need be
is transparent
for you to see
through to
where i am not,
nor you,
your eyes are
and, there, they
live, they
the curvature
of a world
stood on
and slept in,
walked and
waiting for
the visitors,
they, who are
lively, stationed,
to feel
to feel
they are all
in this,
together, and
is bliss
only if
you know not
ignorance exists–
walk the turning world
and know you’ll never
be where you are now
unless you
this crystal-clear cylinder,
rounded, bulged and
so stuck in gravity
to find the worry
of falling
is just if you go
too far from where you belong, for
if you risk the raise of
the risk, you’ll
surely find a notion squandered
by crazy calamities,
but if you
are where
you belong,
and you’ll know,
you’ll know if you’re
where you
need to be, you’ll
surely be safe, for
you wouldn’t be
where you belong
fear nothing, for
you are where you are for
the sake of not being
anywhere else, but
hold on, and you’ll never go.